Lock Rekey

Safety always comes first and a lock rekey can ensure your safety without having to replace all the locks in your house. People have their locks rekeyed for various reasons, but all of them involve keeping possible intruders out of their properties. Whatever your reasons may be, rekeying your locks can mean having a good night’s sleep knowing you are safe inside your home.

When moving into a new apartment or home, you don’t really know who may still have copies of the keys to your front or back door. Also, losing your keys may threaten your security. If you’ve experienced any of these, you may already know how expensive changing every single lock in your home or apartment costs. Not only are they expensive, they can pretty much leave a mess on an otherwise beautiful door. A lock rekey is a cheaper and easier way of getting that peace of mind knowing that old or lost keys won’t be able to open your doors.

With a lock rekey, our skilled locksmiths will remove the locks and change the combination within the lock so that it can’t be opened with the key that used to open it. It is then reinstalled and in effect, creating a whole new lock. The process of rekeying is quite simple and only requires a rekey kit from the same lock manufacturer. Once the locks are removed, the process of changing the lock combination only takes a few minutes. It can be done on door knobs, deadbolts, mortise locks, and any other key-opened lock in the market. One call to us and an experienced locksmith will be dispatched to your home to perform the rekeying. Emergency rekeying is also possible for your safety and peace of mind anytime of the day or night.

If you need a lock rekey or any other locksmith service, call us up today.