Transponder Keys

More and more car manufacturers are using transponder keys/chip keys for their newer car models because of the extra security they provide. The extra security is to tell them apart from key fobs on the outside, but what makes them special is the technology used inside. The chip inside a transponder key should match the signal coming from the car’s ECU in order for the vehicle to start. This gives your car the added security that other key systems can’t provide; however, since this system is more sophisticated than the rest, it makes it hard to replace if ever you lose your keys or break the chip inside it. Some transponder chips are built in with laser or sidewinder keys, making it even more difficult to duplicate or replace.

The technology used in these types of keys may be more advanced, but the way transponder keys/chip keys works is quite simple. The chip embedded into the key fob is programmed to match the signal from the computer inside the vehicle. The car will only start if the vehicle’s ECU recognizes the code programmed into the chip. When other transponder keys are used or if the chip in your transponder key is broken or out of place, then the vehicle won’t start. An automotive locksmith can reprogram a blank chip key to replace a lost or broken one.

Our automotive locksmiths have a large amount of experience in handling issues in connection with transponder keys/chip keys and are available to help you anytime, anywhere. We specialize in chip keys for almost all car brands and models and we are able to handle older chip key models as well. We not only repair broken transponder keys, we can also replace and reprogram a new key for you if needed. Our well-trained automotive locksmiths are duly licensed, so you can expect fast and professional service every time. Call us anytime if you need help with your transponder keys/chip keys and we’ll send an automotive locksmith to your area right away.